20-30 Active Club All-In On Poker Fundraiser

When it comes to charity, and when the poker played in the same, there is a surety that there will more than one winner.

The ChildSpree Poker Tournament (CPT) was put on by the Active 20-30 Club on Saturday for fundraising and having a night of fun. The tournament Held at The Mark, and the event will raise money for the cause annual back-to-school shopping trip for 240 local children of the club.

The club president Taylor White said in an email, “The club is always looking for innovative, new and fun ways to raise money and we all know poker very well and it fulfills all our requirements. This is something we have played before, either it is the game played in a casino in Vegas or the family games played sitting around the kitchen table or.”

The guests will play the game no-limit Texas Hold’em and there will be a buy-in of $100. Incase players lose their chips early, they will have the option to buy more chips for $20 and that will be within the first hour of the tournament. The tournament winner will get the guaranteed prize of $1,000, no matter how many players are playing in the tournament.

He further added that “It is the kind of game in which anyone can be involved in. In the past three years, in these tournaments we have had a blast, thus bringing this back again this year was never a question.”

In the event everyone is welcome, no matter whether you have the poker experience or not.

He further added that “For organizing and setting up this tournament, we have a professional company and it has very knowledgeable dealers. No matter you are an experienced poker player or a naïve one, you will enjoy the tournament and it will be a fun event for sure.”