A famous poker personality

The great poker player Chip Reese who has won WSOP series for 3 times in his poker career, he has died at the age of 56. He was affected with Pneumonia disease; hence he made his little journey in his life. He was died during sleep and his son saw him as dead in sleep. His series of WSOP was the greatest achievement before his death and the year were 1978, 1982 and the 2006 the last year. Chip has won many tournaments with more earnings and he became the player of millions of dollars. He always preferred to play high stakes cash poker games.

He was economics graduated student from Dartmouth high college in the year of 1973. It has seen in the profile of Chip that he had came with bringing just 400 dollars but he pushed this amount with 20,000 dollars poker stake games. He had connected with a gambling group for a night and he earned around 66,000 dollars on that night. Mr. Chip had played many games and it is still unrevealed that how much dollars he had earned in the poker games history.

He was a spiritual poker player and he never run for the fame and money, he just took interest in the poker games with his spirit. Mr. Chip was simple and without any ego of money and best poker player. Mr. Chip used to go in the restaurants and sit like an unrecognized personality as he never showed his personality importance. The many other players and poker directors have commented on the Chip profile and personality. He had always emphasized on the game object in his wining of poker games, also he had suggested to his fellow poker players. In his early childish age he was the dreadful player in all games.