Poker Tour

Beth Hall And Poker

Beth Hall being an actress surprised her fans, but making it to Day 4 of the poker tournament that was being held at Hawaiian Gardens.

This took place last month but it is set to come back for the finals on December 14th. Hence, it surely was a chance for her to showcase her skills in a poker tournament that spans several days. Hall is a regular in a series that showcase her in the role of Wendy, a hilarious role that has gotten her the Golden Globe nominations as well.

She has played as Mom opposite Allison Janney, who has won an Emmy award as well. Season four is on the air now on Thursday nights. Hall is also known as Caroline and Roger Sterling has her as his eccentric assistant. This is aired in Mad Men on AMC. Hall has played in other shows as well such as Parks and Recreation and Jane the Virgin. In real life she resides with her husband and adopted daughter in Los Angeles.

She has developed her passion for poker and today she is a regular player in several celebrity dotted tournament events. She is a regular in many of the poker scenes that are found across the country. When she was recently interviewed about her interest in poker she stated that she had started to play as a kid with her relatives. At that time she had learnt to play the seven card stud as well as draw poker. She then started to play with her friends and aunts.

She confesses that she and her husband started to play the hold’em game for small sums till they moved to no limit versions. She then got into playing in tournaments and that is when she discovered her love for them as she realized that she understood the game well.