Casino Poker chips

Antonio Esfandiari is a wonderful poker player with incredible capabilities. You will become his fan when you will watch out his tricks and strategies during the play. When I watch him for the first time, it seems to me a magician play. Every new player would love to copy his tricks for becoming a winner in future. He is really amazing and knows how to knock out the opponents playing against him. If you have not copied anyone yet then this is right time to follow wonderful poker player Antonio Esfandiari.

After watching his play, I started following him immediately. Even my first after his play was Antonio Esfandiari casino poker chips that I am using in my basement. This was definitely m best purchase that I made ever in my life. With his casino poker chips, I was trying to get how he is playing against his opponents.

Trust me; it was not so much difficult and also interesting at the same time. During my study, I came to know that Antonio Esfandiari is very creative and using his own strategies during the play. You should not consider poker chips as graphic design. Try to get the meaning behind every Antonio Esfandiari poker chip. These are the light weight poker chips with heavy content printed over them. They are designed in such a beautiful way then every new player would like to buy these wonderful poker chips.

You will not believe he has eleven money finishes during the play. Six money finishes are recorded in WSOP (World Series of poker) and other five in World poker tour. Because of this reason, he was not able to complete the final event. He has also won bracelets and bib cash prize during World Series of poker. Today he is considered as number one poker player in hit list.