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The poker action continues all over the world as we start a new week. From the all the casinos the event will be unfolding from, all the poker lovers and news agency will be there to cover them for all the fans around the world. The week that just ended treated all the poker fans with spectacular play from all the events d to sum up the fun was he 012/ 13 world series of poker circuit that continued to give  thrill the poker fanatic last Friday.  The events of day 1 at the Harrah’s Cherokee attracted a huge number of players both the worlds’ pros and poker armatures.

Similarly, the event attracted an international attention with all focus being on the 354 players who made t to the day 1 of the event. The number f players rapidly reduced to a final 83 players at the end of the day 1 play. Despite the huge disappointment for those who were eliminated, there were those who enjoyed an early lead on the event. The person ending his day with an early lead in chips was David Nicholson. David, a triple winner of such event ended his day with 260, 800 chips in hand.

The day as earlier stated witnessed a huge number of casualties some of whom included great names such as, Carter Phillips, Nelson Robinson and Chris Trotter. However, Chris was expected to join in on the following day in a battle for the golden ring. . It will be interesting to see if he emerges as the champion comparing the fact that he will be facing some of the world’s poker giants in the battle. For David, he will have a hard day in the event trying to protect his lead from the rest of the competitors.


One of the most successful poker players

If you are looking for a great poker player from Mexico, Christian de León is the one who will win your heart all the way. He has lived in the city of Mexico and has got his degree in Business Tourism Administration from the University of Mexico. After he turned professional, he dedicated his time to the game and simultaneously decided to try his hand in the business too. But after he started earning potential amount from the game, he dedicated his time and efforts to poker and has left his mark in the games played at the local level.

His first win came at the tables of the Latin American Poker Tour in the year 2008. He stood third in this event and also won a cash prize of $16,400. Though the cash amount was not very big, it was still the beginning of a lifetime of great wins. He left his mark on the other players and was now a reckoned player to take notice of. His games in the live circuit gave him great wins and cash earnings. He has won one game after the other and this is the reason why he is a very successful poker player.

He has managed to outplay many national and international players and has left his mark on the poker tables. His cash prize wins has been outstanding and he has ensured that his mark is left when he has been winning and leaving an impact. His games in the live circuit have been very interesting and full of entertainment. From the year 2008 till date, there have been a series of wins in his name and has given him various titles too. He cashed three times in the Las Vegas game of World Series of Poker. This and series of other wins has proclaimed him to be a great upcoming players of the current era.


Gianni DiRenzo – the Italian poker pro

Gianni DiRenzo is an Italian poker professional. In the year 2010, Gianni DiRenzo was the final player in the Main Event from the PartyPoker stable in World Series of Poker (WSOP). He also was one of the two Italians, who lasted in WSOP of 2010 Main Event with thirty players to go and the other Italian poker player was Filippo Candio. Gianni was driven by the President of Slovak Poker Sport Federation and so he also became one of the candidates of the next November Nine.

The event was on 5th July of 2010, $ 10,000 World Championship – No Limit Hold’em, which was 41st WSOP even at Las Vegas, where Gianni ended in the 29th place winning the prize money $ 255,242.  In the Main Event of € 2,000 No Limit Hold’em on 20th January, 2011, Gianni took the 11th place, achieving € 9,845, $ 18,218 and in the 3rd February of 2011 in the Main Event at € 3,000 No Limit Hold’em, held in Venice, DiRenzo won $ 12,925, achieving the 28th position.

Comparing to 2010 Gianni had a bad phase and the career graph went downward in 2011. But so far, including all the tournament winnings Gianni has achieved $ 286,385. But Gianni does not have any online winnings. Gianni got total 3 Casino cashes and 1 cash in WSOP. Gianni could not achieve any bracelets or did not win at final tables. Gianni even had a bad luck for European Poker Tour or EPT, World Poker Tour or WPT, as he could not achieve any winnings, cashes or championships there. Gianni missed out the awards as well. Gianni may not has a that striking, successful career like other big names of the poker world, yet as an Italian poker professional, Gianni maintained his good name in the poker world.


Legend With Multilple Talents

The Scott Clements is one of the familiar poker players and he was born in the year 1981 on the month of July 19.  He spent her life with Mount Vernon and at first he was worked at a mortgage broker. At first Scott has more interested in playing games and these are the reason to become a Clements into a professional broker. He started to play the live tournaments during the year 2005. He will be get experienced with the world series of the poker games during the year of 2006. He was the person to get the first gold bracelet in an Omaha hi-lo tournament match with a paid of $301,175. After few months later he won the poker championships which have been held at the place of Canada. He complete two WSOP final tables in the year of 2007 which helps him to get the second bracelet in won the match on PLO tournament. In recently he won an event based on the Legends of poker championships again which should he held at the year of 2007.

He will be the person to get more championship at the poker tournament match. Here famous victories which he have included extra tournaments events such as Five star world poker classic which is situated at Bellagio. The total winning of the Scott Clements seems to be $5, 012, 336 it includes that all the tournaments match in which he have placed. The current age of the Scott will be 31 years old. Just few months ago he will be engaged with her life partner. He will start to play poker game during the year of 2004. The most liked game of the Scott seems to be HI-lo GAMES its one kind of the poker game. The hobbies of Scott will be playing Football, baseball and many more.


A famous poker personality

The great poker player Chip Reese who has won WSOP series for 3 times in his poker career, he has died at the age of 56. He was affected with Pneumonia disease; hence he made his little journey in his life. He was died during sleep and his son saw him as dead in sleep. His series of WSOP was the greatest achievement before his death and the year were 1978, 1982 and the 2006 the last year. Chip has won many tournaments with more earnings and he became the player of millions of dollars. He always preferred to play high stakes cash poker games.

He was economics graduated student from Dartmouth high college in the year of 1973. It has seen in the profile of Chip that he had came with bringing just 400 dollars but he pushed this amount with 20,000 dollars poker stake games. He had connected with a gambling group for a night and he earned around 66,000 dollars on that night. Mr. Chip had played many games and it is still unrevealed that how much dollars he had earned in the poker games history.

He was a spiritual poker player and he never run for the fame and money, he just took interest in the poker games with his spirit. Mr. Chip was simple and without any ego of money and best poker player. Mr. Chip used to go in the restaurants and sit like an unrecognized personality as he never showed his personality importance. The many other players and poker directors have commented on the Chip profile and personality. He had always emphasized on the game object in his wining of poker games, also he had suggested to his fellow poker players. In his early childish age he was the dreadful player in all games.


EPT is coming to France

The European Poker Tour is almost done in Prague is about to make its way to one of the most exciting and glamorous places in France: Deauville. The city boasts of a non-stop round of film festivals, horse racing, regattas, tennis and golf tournaments, international jazz and vintage car rallies. The city provides a perfect backdrop for a poker tournament indeed.

Due to online poker’s fast paced nature and the increased frequency in playing one’s hand, poker experts believe that it is a great way to hone one’s skill in making snappy decisions and losing the scared-money attitude that jaded live poker players develop over time. When your stack of chips becomes low, you automatically become a target as you fear the possibility of going home broke. This condition is somewhat absent in online poker games as low stack of chips are not visually shown despite playing with real money. Continue Reading


Casino Poker chips

Antonio Esfandiari is a wonderful poker player with incredible capabilities. You will become his fan when you will watch out his tricks and strategies during the play. When I watch him for the first time, it seems to me a magician play. Every new player would love to copy his tricks for becoming a winner in future. He is really amazing and knows how to knock out the opponents playing against him. If you have not copied anyone yet then this is right time to follow wonderful poker player Antonio Esfandiari.

After watching his play, I started following him immediately. Even my first after his play was Antonio Esfandiari casino poker chips that I am using in my basement. This was definitely m best purchase that I made ever in my life. With his casino poker chips, I was trying to get how he is playing against his opponents.

Trust me; it was not so much difficult and also interesting at the same time. During my study, I came to know that Antonio Esfandiari is very creative and using his own strategies during the play. You should not consider poker chips as graphic design. Try to get the meaning behind every Antonio Esfandiari poker chip. These are the light weight poker chips with heavy content printed over them. They are designed in such a beautiful way then every new player would like to buy these wonderful poker chips.

You will not believe he has eleven money finishes during the play. Six money finishes are recorded in WSOP (World Series of poker) and other five in World poker tour. Because of this reason, he was not able to complete the final event. He has also won bracelets and bib cash prize during World Series of poker. Today he is considered as number one poker player in hit list.


Legalization of Online Poker

Rich Poker players would tell you that it you do not become a champion in poker because you have hidden tricks. Poker is a game of deception. A player would want to lure an opponent into playing a game that is going to be to his advantage. The legalization of online poker game is going to help players enjoy this poker game better because of the way that they make poker easier. It is not everyone who would be opportune to play in final tables which mean that there is need to make use of another avenue to play poker. And because of this, it is not luck but a player’s skills and determination in winning a game that makes the difference. And when you are ready to make an exceptional difference in your game, it is imperative that you make a good play that would give you the edge in winning the game. Currently, those who are making use of poker network intrastate can have this South Point Poker as their platform without fear.

The Nevada Gaming Commission is not going to stop here in making sure that more operators get their license online because Black Friday would not stop poker players from playing online poker.  However, it is with the Federal Poker Laws that would give players the assurance they need. What we do not know is if poker players would trust these new poker online sites again. Black Friday dealt with a lot of players because their monies were involved and for a new poker site that would operate online is going to be looked upon with two eyes wide opened. And finally, smiles are spread across fans and players of poker online in Unites States of America because in October, 2012, online poker is coming to meet players again with federal laws backing them.


The Judas in Poker

The 108 day break in poker action has ended as action has begun again on July 8 in Las Vegas in the scorching heat of this year’s summer.  The final table playing would be in November that would leave only a player as a winner. Finally, United Kingdom has woken from her long slumber of not winning or playing important poker tournaments in the world with men like Sam Holden coming out the first time for this year’s WSOP tournament. This means that this young lad would be learning from his opponent’s styles if he would go far in the tournament here in Las Vegas.  This is because he wants to make an impression that would last for a long time in poker community if he should win the gold bracelet prize not to talk of the financial offer that is included in the package.

However, this does not mean that British poker players have not risen to challenges because over the last two years, there have been excellent results in some of the biggest poker tournaments in the world online and even the live poker games. With Sam Holden’s first entry into World Series of Poker tournament that would be held in Las Vegas, there is no telling how much damage he would do to the US dominating poker game. The reason for this domination by United States is that they have made this game so popular that they play poker at the kitchen tables which is what British has not been able to replicate.

How did Sam Holden get himself into this Main Event? He sold himself for 61% so that he would only have 39% of the money of any winning that he accrues. The good news is that even if he is the first player to lose out come November, he is going home with $782,115.