EPT is coming to France

The European Poker Tour is almost done in Prague is about to make its way to one of the most exciting and glamorous places in France: Deauville. The city boasts of a non-stop round of film festivals, horse racing, regattas, tennis and golf tournaments, international jazz and vintage car rallies. The city provides a perfect backdrop for a poker tournament indeed.

Due to online poker’s fast paced nature and the increased frequency in playing one’s hand, poker experts believe that it is a great way to hone one’s skill in making snappy decisions and losing the scared-money attitude that jaded live poker players develop over time. When your stack of chips becomes low, you automatically become a target as you fear the possibility of going home broke. This condition is somewhat absent in online poker games as low stack of chips are not visually shown despite playing with real money.

Since the tour started in August this year, I have been practicing online at gaming portals like Partypoker. Online poker can be a great way to enhance your skills in a shorter amount of time as the small buy ins increase the chances of you playing your cards. It is no surprise that online players have seen a lot of success in poker tournaments in these recent years.

Our very own Ludovic Lacay is now 3rd in rank for the EPT player of the year, just 320 points from the number one spot, having won in Italy back in October. He is going to be a crowd favourite when the tour comes to France in January next year. The momentous event will be held in Casino Barriere, part of the Groupe Lucien Barriere, a leader in the casino market in France and Switzerland. You may already start booking at the Normandy or you may search other accommodations in Deauville by visiting Booking. It’s never too early to reserve a room as the tournament tends to attract crowds and players from around the globe.

Apart from the poker tournament, there are a lot of events to see in Deauville at the same time. In January, horse races are the events to watch out for. Having one of the largest racehorse training centres in the world, 50% of the winners of horse races and equestrian sports in France were born, bred and trained in Deauville.

I cannot stress enough that you may also win a seat at the tournament by entering online at the EPT website. All those years of practice may finally pay off once you get a chance to play at the high stakes table next to poker legends. Bear in mind that not just fame and fortune awaits you, but a legacy that generation of poker enthusiast won’t forget.