Gianni DiRenzo – the Italian poker pro

Gianni DiRenzo is an Italian poker professional. In the year 2010, Gianni DiRenzo was the final player in the Main Event from the PartyPoker stable in World Series of Poker (WSOP). He also was one of the two Italians, who lasted in WSOP of 2010 Main Event with thirty players to go and the other Italian poker player was Filippo Candio. Gianni was driven by the President of Slovak Poker Sport Federation and so he also became one of the candidates of the next November Nine.

The event was on 5th July of 2010, $ 10,000 World Championship – No Limit Hold’em, which was 41st WSOP even at Las Vegas, where Gianni ended in the 29th place winning the prize money $ 255,242.  In the Main Event of € 2,000 No Limit Hold’em on 20th January, 2011, Gianni took the 11th place, achieving € 9,845, $ 18,218 and in the 3rd February of 2011 in the Main Event at € 3,000 No Limit Hold’em, held in Venice, DiRenzo won $ 12,925, achieving the 28th position.

Comparing to 2010 Gianni had a bad phase and the career graph went downward in 2011. But so far, including all the tournament winnings Gianni has achieved $ 286,385. But Gianni does not have any online winnings. Gianni got total 3 Casino cashes and 1 cash in WSOP. Gianni could not achieve any bracelets or did not win at final tables. Gianni even had a bad luck for European Poker Tour or EPT, World Poker Tour or WPT, as he could not achieve any winnings, cashes or championships there. Gianni missed out the awards as well. Gianni may not has a that striking, successful career like other big names of the poker world, yet as an Italian poker professional, Gianni maintained his good name in the poker world.