Legend With Multilple Talents

The Scott Clements is one of the familiar poker players and he was born in the year 1981 on the month of July 19.  He spent her life with Mount Vernon and at first he was worked at a mortgage broker. At first Scott has more interested in playing games and these are the reason to become a Clements into a professional broker. He started to play the live tournaments during the year 2005. He will be get experienced with the world series of the poker games during the year of 2006. He was the person to get the first gold bracelet in an Omaha hi-lo tournament match with a paid of $301,175. After few months later he won the poker championships which have been held at the place of Canada. He complete two WSOP final tables in the year of 2007 which helps him to get the second bracelet in won the match on PLO tournament. In recently he won an event based on the Legends of poker championships again which should he held at the year of 2007.

He will be the person to get more championship at the poker tournament match. Here famous victories which he have included extra tournaments events such as Five star world poker classic which is situated at Bellagio. The total winning of the Scott Clements seems to be $5, 012, 336 it includes that all the tournaments match in which he have placed. The current age of the Scott will be 31 years old. Just few months ago he will be engaged with her life partner. He will start to play poker game during the year of 2004. The most liked game of the Scott seems to be HI-lo GAMES its one kind of the poker game. The hobbies of Scott will be playing Football, baseball and many more.