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Matt Perrins boasts excellent poker winning predisposition

Britain is home to numerous poker players who have plunged into the global poker circuits to leaving a permanent mark. Most well-known players from Britain participate in regional poker or worldwide high-profile tournaments where they have performed amazingly well.

One player every enthusiast would consider a hero in the poker arenas is Matt Perrins. He has not only shone at home but has also overseas in international poker tournaments against the backdrop of fierce competition.

Matt catapulted himself to the top-notch player’s hegemony that he shares with other US players by notching the WSOP for the trove bracelet twice. A brief review of his poker resume paints the picture of a talented and distinct player with a global winning bent.

At the fore of his magnificent accomplishments is the 2011 WSOP $1,500 2/7 Draw Lowball Event #9 where he outpaced a field of 275 entrants. This gave him his first bracelet while pocketing a handsome $102,105. In the 2013 WSOP, he was leaving nothing to chances when he clinched the $5,000 NLHE WSOP Event #57 in 2013 where he garnered a sizeable $800,000.

Perrins has also cashed in the money finishes in the WSOP, in 2011, he cashed once and again twice in 2013 for a formidable $850,900. To cast his nets wider and enlarge his jackpot, he has participated online widely. At Full Tilt Poker, he plays under the code name “pez102”, Matt won the 2009 $200 Buy-In Sunday Brawl where he outshined a total of 2,606 players to take home a whacking $105,803.60.

As of 2014, his total live tournament’s winnings exceeded $2,000,000. Viewing his achievements from the standpoint of English poker experts, he has distinguished himself as not many Britons boast a WSOP bracelet. We hope Matt will immerse himself in the upcoming global poker circuits where he can wring out more earnings and cement his reputation.