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Ocean’s 11 Casino To Host Card Player Poker Tour

Come July and the Card Player Poker Tour will be moving back to the Ocean’s 11 Casino.

This is the fourth time in the history of the Card Player Poker Tour that the event is heading to California’s popular casino. There is no doubt that this news would be welcomed by most of the professional poker players. The Oceanside California event will be taking place in July and the $250 buy-in main event will be taking place from 20th to 22nd. It will be a three-day affair.

The tournament officials and the organizers have started the groundwork necessary to conduct the event and to make it a big one. The tournament officials have fixed a $100,000 estimate on the prize pool.

The last Card Player Poker Tour that took place in April was a very successful and entertaining one where there was a whopping $238,100 prize pool. This means that the players taking part in the Ocean’s 11 casino tournament can expect a lot of money in the event and there will be a lot of money up for grabs. This event has always attracted many of the poker professionals and it will be the same for the Californian event.

This event is a big boost for the players as they get to make the best of the Quantum Reload facet of the event. This means that the players will get to enter the $1,500 buy-in on day 2 of the event and still be having an average chip stack to play with.

The Ocean’s 11 casino is the only casino seen in Southern California. It has about 50 poker tables. It is expected that all the former winners of the event like Barry Knowlton, ShawnBusse and Robert DeAgazio will all take part in this July event in California.