One of the most successful poker players

If you are looking for a great poker player from Mexico, Christian de León is the one who will win your heart all the way. He has lived in the city of Mexico and has got his degree in Business Tourism Administration from the University of Mexico. After he turned professional, he dedicated his time to the game and simultaneously decided to try his hand in the business too. But after he started earning potential amount from the game, he dedicated his time and efforts to poker and has left his mark in the games played at the local level.

His first win came at the tables of the Latin American Poker Tour in the year 2008. He stood third in this event and also won a cash prize of $16,400. Though the cash amount was not very big, it was still the beginning of a lifetime of great wins. He left his mark on the other players and was now a reckoned player to take notice of. His games in the live circuit gave him great wins and cash earnings. He has won one game after the other and this is the reason why he is a very successful poker player.

He has managed to outplay many national and international players and has left his mark on the poker tables. His cash prize wins has been outstanding and he has ensured that his mark is left when he has been winning and leaving an impact. His games in the live circuit have been very interesting and full of entertainment. From the year 2008 till date, there have been a series of wins in his name and has given him various titles too. He cashed three times in the Las Vegas game of World Series of Poker. This and series of other wins has proclaimed him to be a great upcoming players of the current era.