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Ring Game Traffic

Unibet and Micrograming have posted positive growths even if online poker ring game traffic might have declined as per standard parameters.

The traffic decline detected is about 18.5% as per annual figures. There are several factors that contribute to the trend of real money being circulated in online poker games. There has come on stringent regulations in online poker that makes it more difficult to make money online. As a result the popularities of many poker rooms have declined and several countries have seen many online poker initiatives being shut down. The overall base of players might have declined and so has liquidity gone down among players for the game. There is another reason that ring games have declined in popularity in online poker. It is mainly due to a shift that has come about in the game format. The recreational players prefer to the sit and go lottery style games in the online gaming forums. That is much in demand among the poker networks online as compared to ring games online in case of poker.

If you compare the traffic that the top seven poker sites have seen, there has been a decline year on year in online traffic. But the top three spots remain solid for companies like PokerSars, 888poker and Bodog. PokerStars definitely has the largest poker room for online real money games.

The traffic here has declined proportional to the overall industry decrease which is 18.9%. The decline has been proportional as per the market share decline in ring games amongst all kinds of poker games online. The percentage that PokerStars holds here is 42.2%, which has not changed appreciably as per year on year data. There has been a strategic shift from attracting players of high volumes to new players who come in to play for recreation. There has been corresponding changes done in the rewards program as well.