The Judas in Poker

The 108 day break in poker action has ended as action has begun again on July 8 in Las Vegas in the scorching heat of this year’s summer.  The final table playing would be in November that would leave only a player as a winner. Finally, United Kingdom has woken from her long slumber of not winning or playing important poker tournaments in the world with men like Sam Holden coming out the first time for this year’s WSOP tournament. This means that this young lad would be learning from his opponent’s styles if he would go far in the tournament here in Las Vegas.  This is because he wants to make an impression that would last for a long time in poker community if he should win the gold bracelet prize not to talk of the financial offer that is included in the package.

However, this does not mean that British poker players have not risen to challenges because over the last two years, there have been excellent results in some of the biggest poker tournaments in the world online and even the live poker games. With Sam Holden’s first entry into World Series of Poker tournament that would be held in Las Vegas, there is no telling how much damage he would do to the US dominating poker game. The reason for this domination by United States is that they have made this game so popular that they play poker at the kitchen tables which is what British has not been able to replicate.

How did Sam Holden get himself into this Main Event? He sold himself for 61% so that he would only have 39% of the money of any winning that he accrues. The good news is that even if he is the first player to lose out come November, he is going home with $782,115.